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The TechnoXian exists to help support Robotics and Technology events that aim to inspire and motivate students. Our mission is to work with and to promote a variety of successful, technology based programs for education and to help make these programs more accessible to schools and colleges students and mentors in every community. The goal of TechnoXian, along with our sponsors like All India Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA), is to work with these great programs and to help them grow. As various studies show, only 5-10% of schools participate in any of these invaluable programs. Individual programs work very hard to make their events available to schools, and these different programs need not be in competition with each other. With tens of thousands of schools not making any such programs accessible to their students, we feel a variety of choices is a good thing for schools, and that all of these programs can grow dramatically in the coming years. Our view is that there are many great technology programs available for students – from elementary all the way to college. We know that it will take a coalition of these programs to help achieve the goal of ensuring that a high quality engineering and technology program is accessible to any student at every school. It takes a great deal of passion, dedication, hard work and funding to make sure students are able to participate in these beneficial, educational competitions, workshops and events. We hope that offering services like a community web site that provides event promotion and high quality/professional online registration for events and workshops can help the two main groups who make all of these programs possible: teams (schools, students, teachers, mentors) and event organizers (local groups and volunteers) who stage team events. The TechnoXian is an event organized by non-profit organization AICRA and TimesWorld Group, supports robotics and technology events and programs that aim to inspire and motivate students to advance in STEM education. In addition to operating and supporting, it also provides program support and a workshop focused on technology and professional development for educators which helps promote multiple high quality programs and provides online registration and event pages for different purposes.

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TechnoXian IRL organized Aero modelling and Quad Copter workshop at Guna Airport
TechnoXian IRL organized Aero modelling and Quad Copter workshop at Guna Airport
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WRC: Robo Race
WRC: Robo Race INR 4000 INR 4000 Construct a robot which out runs all other robots to win the race. Manually controlled robot capable to sustaining over different terrain & unseen hurdles robot win most cumulative points wins. Build a small wireless remote controlled IC engine driven car which will be able to race on concrete as well as off-road tracks. True 1464434064
WRC: Micro-Mouse
WRC: Micro-Mouse INR 4000 INR 4000 In time designated maze the robots runs to overcome obstacles through intelligence & speed. It has to overcome all hurdles on its own. The object of the contest is to build a robot which can negotiate a specified maze in the shortest time. A robot participating in this contest is termed a micro-mouse. The person who places the micro-mouse in the maze and starts its operation is termed a handler. True 1464434888
WRC: Robo War
WRC: Robo War INR 4000 INR 4000 Design and construct a remote controlled robot capable of fighting a one on one tournament. They can do any to beat the opponent robots. At a time only 2 can participate, where winner goes to time next round. No projectiles , electrical based weapons ,glue, can be used to prevent other competitors but can use shotgun. True 1464435101
WRC: Android Apps Championship
WRC: Android Apps Championship INR 4000 INR 4000 Under-mentioned are the official Prerequisite along with statute for Android App Development Championship 2016. These are released by the Technoxian Technical Committee for Android App Development. These rules have priority over any translations & mispredictions. The team can be from any background, our aim is to create an app which is each to use, bug free, internet active, not stalling also the effectiveness and importance of the app. True 1464435190
WRC: Fastest Line Follower
WRC: Fastest Line Follower INR 4000 INR 4000 One of the most popular robotic competitions in the world where young scientists will make wireless robot that will follow black line on a white background as quickly as possible. There can be unexpected obstacles on the arena but only the fastest robots will proceed to the next round. Line follower is one of the most popular robotic competitions in the world. The goal for the fastest line following robot is to making true of its name by drive through the track marked with black line as fast as possible. A Line follower robot is an electronic system that detects and follows the line drawn on the floor through simple optical concept that black absorbs and white reflects it good. Generally, the line specified a predefined path that can be either visible like a black line on a white surface with a high contrasted color. Light dependent resistor sensor is attached with the robot whose resistance varies with light intensity. When the LDR receives certain amount of light then its resistance goes to its minimum value, ideally zero and when no light falling on the LDR then its resistance goes to its maximum value, ideally infinitive. This can be detected through the IR sensor module as well. But how you will win is important to hill the winning goal transform your bot as the fastest of all. True 1464433403
WRC: Quad Copter Championship
WRC: Quad Copter Championship INR 4000 INR 4000 This is a world famous aerial competition, where all aerial hurdles have to be crossed, in time line by each stage. Design and make a wireless remote controlled flying platform to complete obstacle course without crash in minimum time. True 1464434576
WRC: Robo Soccor
WRC: Robo Soccor INR 4000 INR 4000 The autonomous robots with senses play soccer against each other. Dynamic walking, running, and kicking the ball while maintaining balance, visual perception of the objective (ball), other players, and the field, self-localization and team play are among the many measurement criteria. The robots operate fully autonomously, ie there is no external control, neither by human nor by computers. Several of the best autonomous robots in the world compete in the TechnoXian WRC. Wild Soccer is the ultimate battle between wild robots on soccer field with new weapons. This time the robots will not only have to rip apart the opponent’s robot, but it will also have to show excellent tackling skill to score goals. And you won’t be alone. You will be accompanied by your team members to destroy anything and everything that would fall between you and the goal. Each Team has to come up with 3 bots (+1 reserved not mandatory) (only 1 wired bot is allowed). Each bot can be manually controlled and bots have to play as a team on the arena simultaneously fighting with the bots of the opposite team. The team with the most number of goals wins True 1464434409
WRC: Water Rocket Championship
WRC: Water Rocket Championship INR 4000 INR 4000 A team comprise of max 3 people, will build a water bottle rocket that will stay in air for max amount of time. Design and construct a water propelled rocket pressurized with air to compete against different constraints in separate rounds. True 1464434741
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